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As Law Office we give service in both consultancy and litigation on every area regarding real estate. Some of the main areas we give service are;

• Any kind of real estate and construction contracts as well as notary registered agreements.

• To open law cases regarding any kind of real-estate.

• Title-deed research,applications and deed registrations.

• Consultancy services for every kind of real estate and construction.


As a specific area ivestment law requires a pure specilization. Our specilized team of lawyers will offer you the safest way for the investment.

• From the start till end any kind of company establishment suitable for the planned future investment.

• Preparing company establishment contracts.

• Partnersrhip&Joint Venture Agreements.

• Assistance for oppening bank accounts for Turkish residence and non residence companies.

• Notary registered agreements

• Legal assistance for investment projects


We give legal service for domestic and foreign companies as well as persons in order to collect their receivables and rights in Turkey in a fast way as possible.

• Legal proceedings at the debts office .

• Preliminary injuction and standart injuctions.

• Enforcement proceedings.

• Law cases at the execution court.


As law office we give all kinds of services in commercial law areas.

• Company share purchase events as well as purchasing a whole company.

• Company divisions and conversion of any type of a company.

• Preparing ordinary and extra ordinary company general meeting decissions and assistance at the meetings.

• Removal law cases of a shareholder from the company as well as withdrawal from a company.

• Company liquidations.


We give legal services for international companies for every purpose in this law area.

• International bussiness,investment,constuction,trade agreements and consultancy.

• Any kind of law cases at Arbitration Courts.

• Recognition and enforcement proceedings. Especially to recognise and enforce the non Turkish arbitration court judgements in Turkey at the Turkish courts.


Our law firm gives wide services in family law with its experienced lawyers.

• Divorce cases

• Recognition of a foreign court judgement at the Turkish courts.

• Custody and child support cases.

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